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Our Products

PolyWeb P30:

Mainly used in MicroWeb wastewater treatment technology. May be used in wastewater treatment systems such as settlement, flotation, filtration, etc. The function of P30 is to encapsulate, flocculate, adsorb and fixate the dirty particles in wastewater.

MicroWeb MWR

MicroWeb MWR is a series of wastewater treatment equipment, which are designed to remove pollutants from wastewater fast and efficiently using the proprietary MicroWeb technology of our company.
MicroWeb MWR can be widely used in the treatment of wastewater, especially in industry wastewater. After the treatment, COD removal rate can be over 90%, and all of COD, BOD, SS, and pH can reach the discharging standard.
MicroWeb MWR has the features of: high efficiency, easy operation and management, less investment, less space occupation, low operating cost and low maintenance cost.

MicroWeb EPB

Microweb EPB is based on conventional biochemical treatment. It applies our proprietary MicroWeb technology to strengthen the process and enhance the efficiency of the treatment.
Microweb EPB technology can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the wastewater from restaurant, hotel, and residential area etc. After the treatment, the rate of COD removal reaches a high level of 90%, and COD, BOD, SS, pH reach the discharge standard.
Microweb EPB has the advantages of high efficiency, easy operating, low operating and maintenance costs, less occupation of room.

Our Technologies

PolyWeb P30

MicroWeb Solutions

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